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5:55 AM  Waiting for the sun to rise.  I get 555 a lot.  There's no way to prove that it was 5:55 am just a couple of minutes ago when I opened this page.  Actually, I hadn't opened this page yet but was logged into Cafe Nowhere when I noticed the time on my laptop was 5:54 and said to myself  "I will record this in my numerology journal" and then raced to open this page and make note of the time precisely at 5:55.  I wasn't quick enough though and it was 5:56 when I jotted down the date above.  So, what does all of this mean?  I will try to make some sense of it by asking the questions: "How do these numbers; 554, 555, 556 relate to each other?  What is their significance?  Is there something better I could be doing with my time?"     

I was led to this videos by googling "554, 555, 556". Although it is really about May 5,   it is very informative about the energy vibration and influence of the number 5. 

Also found this:

 Number 554 is a combination of the energies of number 5 appearing twice, doubling its vibrations, and the attributes of number 4. Number 5 relates to major life changes, making important choices and decisions, promotion and advancements, adaptability and versatility, personal freedom and individuality, life lessons learned through experience and resourcefulness. Number 4 resonates with practicality and application, hard work and responsibility, traditional values, honesty and integrity, inner-wisdom, and diligence and determination to achieve goals. Number 4 also relates to our drive, passion and purpose and the energies of the Archangels.

Number 555 is comprised of the number 5 appearing tripled, making 555 a powerful number with its energies and attributes of being three-fold, amplified and reinforced. 555 carries the strong vibrations of making decisions and choices, life changes and new opportunities, adventure, curiosity, challenges, idealism and activity.

Number 556 is a blend of the attributes of number 5 appearing twice, amplifying its influences, and the vibrations of the number 6. Number 5  resonates with major life changes, making important choices and decisions, promotion and advancements, adaptability and versatility, personal freedom and individuality, life lessons learned through experience and resourcefulness and adaptability. Number 6 adds its vibrations of love of home, family and domesticity, honesty and integrity, responsibility, compassion and empathy, provision and providing and the material aspects of life.

I just revisited and republished this journal.  I looked down at the right hand corner of my laptop screen and was amazed to see that the time when this task was completed was 11:11 AM.  The numbers are with me once again.  The 11:11 time is highly significant to me in this instance because I had, just prior to the work of republishing this, been reviewing an old blog post of mine titled 11:11.  I am doing a little mental happy dance right now.  Here is the link to the post I am referring to  Eleven Eleven

I recently saw 10:10, which I don't remember ever seeing before.  This is what it is said to represent:


Number 1010 is comprised of the vibrations of double number 1, plus the powerful energy of double number 0.  Numver 1  relates to the attributes of new beginnings, creation and creativity, motivation, progress, intuition and inspiration, happiness and positivity, initiative and assertiveness, attainment, achieving success and personal fulfilment. Number 1 reminds us that we create our own realities  with our thoughts, beliefs and actions.  Number 0   amplifies and magnifies the energies of the number/s it appears with and resonates with the influences of the ‘God force’ and Universal Energies and resonates with the vibrations of eternity and infinity, oneness and wholeness, continuing cycles and flow, and the beginning point.  It is considered to represent the beginning of a spiritual journey and highlights the uncertainties that may entail.  It also suggests that you listen to your intuition and higher-self as this is where you will find your answers.  Number 0 stands for potential and/or choice and is a message to do with developing one's spiritual aspects.

Angel Number 1010 indicates that it is a time of personal development, spiritual awakening, and enlightenment.  Keep your thoughts, focus and intentions on your soul mission and life purpose and your elevated vibrations will attract abundance and positive energies into your life.  Use positive affirmations and maintain an optimistic attitude to  draw towards you all that you need along your path.  Trust your inner-wisdom, intuition and the guidance from the angels and take positive action in the irection of your dreams and desires.

Angel Number 1010 tells you that you will find personal success and fulfilment in your endeavors.

Angel Number 1010 encourages you to keep your beliefs, thoughts and mind-set focused upon your spirituality and your Divine life purpose, as you are now creating your own reality.  Engage yourself in creative and positive endeavors and activities and use your personal skills and talents in a productive manner.  Listen to the guidance from the angels and your intuition and serve your soul mission   with passion and enthusiasm.

The repeating Angel Number 1010 urges you to pay attention to your intuition, thoughts and impressions as these are revealing the answers to your prayers and are providing guidance.  It encourages you to trust yourself, the angels and the Universal energies and take direction and action as guided.  Step out of your comfort zone in the direction of your true desires and know and believe that you will find success and happiness.
 Last night I got 1:11 on the clock before I went up stairs to bed.  Yesterday was a particularly tumultuous day and I had to make some decisions that I wasn't too sure about.  I decided to just depend on "The Truth" when it came to making those decisions which had to do with friendships with two people who do not like each other to say the least, a situation which consequently puts me in an awkward position in the middle of these two people in a kind of juggling act.  I haven't been getting number messages a lot lately, but when I do it's usually a sign that the number angels are watching out for you and assuring you you are on the right path.  So I was  relieved  and said thank you and went to bed. And then a short while ago this morning I got 5:55 on my coffee maker clock (it's not set right, the time was not really 5:55) but still the number 555 is a good sign from the Ascended Masters.
 The number 555 is comprised of the number 5 appearing tripled, making 555 a powerful number with its energies and attributes of being three-fold, amplified and reinforced. 555 carries the strong vibrations of making decisions and choices, life changes and new opportunities, adventure, curiosity, challenges, idealism and activity.
Angel Number tells of significant and necessary changes happening in your life that have been Divinely inspired and guided. These changes will bring about long-awaited circumstances and results and will fully align you with your true Divine life purpose and soul mission.
The Angel Number 555 is a message from your angels that it is time to let go of the ‘old’ that is no longer positively serving you. Trust that they will be replaced with ‘better’. Release old doubts, fears and perceived obstacles, and if feeling any fears or confusion, ask for support and guidance from your angels. Know that your angels are with you, always. 
Ah.  This is a new one on me.  My bank balance on 6.3.2013 was $444.44.  Whoopie!  

5.25.2013 - Long Time No See   333

As you can see, I haven't posted in this journal since October of 2012, partly because I've been under the weather since last August and also because the numbers haven't been speaking to me as frequently or urgently.  They started back up again (attracting my attention) last week,  which probably has more to do with my awareness than anything else.  A few minutes ago, after a grueling couple of hours working on various projects I scrolled down to take a look at my page views and visitor stats.  After seeing my Cluster Map info of  "333  visitors" I decided it was time to make an entry in this journal, especially since today is such an auspicious Astrological day - a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

Full Moon Eclipse May 23-25, 2013

 10.24.2012 - Just checked my page count:  4,222

222 is a sign of confirmation that you are on the right path, doing the right thing and going in the right direction. Continue with this train of thought
What was the train of thought that I should continue, what has it been last night and still is this morning?  The death of Russell Means and the number 444.  Last night I learned of his death, or as the Lakota people say, his passage into the Spirit World.  Russell started his journey into the Spirit World on 10/22/2012 at 4:44 am, with the Morning Star to guide him. His address was:
 444 Crazy Horse Drive,
Pahin Sinte, Republic of Lakotah.  
This morning I awoke unusually early and couldn't get back to sleep so decided to go downstairs and put on the coffee.  On the way down the stairs I wondered what time it was, and entertained the thought that it would be really great if the clock in the kitchen said 4:44.  I was a little disappointed that it said 4:30, but got over the disappointment quickly as I made fixed the coffeemaker and sat down to wait for the coffee to brew.  As I waited, I drifted into a reverie, can't remember exactly what thoughts entered my mind, but finally I came out of my reverie and looked up absently at the coffeemaker with no expectations to see 4:44 displayed on the digital clock.  I then looked at the clock on the stove, it said 4:45.  Next I looked at the clock on the microwave which said 4:45.  I looked back at the coffeemaker's clock just in time to see it pass from 4:44 to 4:45.  So, in less than a minute I got to connect with the spirit of Russel, a great man and leader of the people. 
A great and beautiful mystery, even more meaningful to me because I spent the first 12 years of my life in a house numbered 444 .  Russell taught me many things, opened my eyes to many truths.

Hokahey, Russell! Nake nula wau? welo!
Russell always opened his talks with "Today is a good day", first in Lakota and then in English. It's a phrase attributed to Crazy Horse and derived from a common Sioux battle cry of "Hokahey! Nake nula wau? welo!" not just spoken, but belted out as if it's the last and most important thing you will ever say. In actuality, it means "I am ready for whatever comes" but is often translated as "Today is a good day to die". Hokahey is an exclamation to call attention.


8/22/2012 -  2:22  Ah, I love it when this happens. I just completed a very time consuming and grueling but at the same time, vaguely enjoyable task that I've been putting off for several months. It involved bringing a certain poetry society website up to date. I felt such a sense of relief upon the completion of this task, a burden lifted sort of feeling. I signed out from that site and signed on here, sneaking a peek at the right bottom corner of my screen. It made me say "Yippie!" followed by "Thank you". Unexpectedly finding 2:22 just now produced a very exhilarating lift of my spirit. I needed that. Badly. The numbers have been "visiting" me a lot lately. I haven't had time to jot each visit down in this journal. I know this must sound crazy to someone who is not into numbers like I am, but I don't really care.

" 222, 2222 - This is a sign of confirmation that you are on the right path, doing the right thing and going in the right direction. Continue with this train of thought."

"Our Spirit Guides communicate number sequences in many ways. One way is that they will gently draw your attention toward a certain direction so that you'll look up or turn around in time to notice the clock's time or a phone number on a billboard. Your Spirit Guides will continue to show you a sign until you take notice and say, "OK, this is weird! What does this number sequence mean?!" For example, you may see 1111 or 1212 every time you look at a clock, or be driving past a billboard and always be drawn to look at the 555 that is part of the telephone number." Numerology - Spiritual Path


8/11/2012 (9:35 am)  Update.  The minivan has been repaired.  My son-in-law and my husband worked on it earlier this morning and did something different with the wires and it is now acting like it's supposed to and we feel confident that it will get them safely to our destination.  We will be driving right behind them in our pick-up in case a problem arises.  God be with us.

8/10/2012  - 11:11  Okay, this is freaky.  We (our  whole family including the dog)  are leaving for a weeks vacation tomorrow, a 31/2 hour drive.  We spent the day packing up the pickup truck and the minivan..  As luck  would have it, and to our dismay, the minivan broke down about 3 hours ago.  My son in law has been out there ever since, in the dark,  trying to diagnose and fix the problem.  He thought from the first it had to do with the wiring.  It was beginning to seem like a hopeless cause and we were all beginning to give up any hope that he could fix it and decided it would have to go to the shop early tomorrow morning to be repaired. As a back up measure,  my daughter, his wife, began looking on line to see if they could possibly afford to rent a minivan for the week.  It would be very costly., and they would still have the additional cost of having the minivan repaired.  It was looking like a terrible cosmic joke had been played on us and we were all getting very depressed.

About a half hour ago I remembered an incident that occurred earlier in the week.  My husband found a Saint Jude medal out in our driveway.  We thought that was strange because we didn't have a Saint Jude medal, so we speculated it must have fallen our of our son-in-law and daughter's van when they were cleaning it out in the driveway earlier in the week in preparation for the trip.  They don't usually park in the driveway, they park on the street in front of our house.  When my husband was attempting to show me the medal (he had put it on the dashboard of his pickup right after he found it) it slipped from his fingers and fell behind the dash.  I thought no more about it until tonight.  As I sat on the porch watching my son-in-law shining his flashlight under the hood of the van, determined to keep trying to find and fix the problem, I asked Saint Jude to intervene.

Shortly thereafter, my son-in-law came up onto the porch to take a break and I asked him if he had a Saint Jude medal in the van that might have fallen into the driveway.  He said he didn't think so, but he wasn't sure, he might have had one in there and not known about it.   Then he went back out and started working on the van again.  About 20 minutes later he announced that he thought the van was now fixed.  He said he disconnected and reconnected a bunch of wires, and it started right up without any of the problems they had experienced earlier.  We were all elated.  I told them I had just said a prayer to Saint Jude, my daughter said she had said one too.  I came back inside to the computer with the intention of looking online for some information about the Saint of lost causes.  I looked down at the bottom of my screen to check the time and it said 11:11 (pm). 
Numerologists believe that events linked to the time 11:11 appear more often than can be explained by chance or coincidence. This belief is related to the concept of synchronicity. Some authors claim that seeing 11:11 on a clock is an auspicious sign. Others claim that 11:11 signals a spirit presence. The belief that the time 11:11 has mystical powers has been adopted by believers in New Age philosophies. 

“The first lesson for six months should be One-One-One-One (1-1-1-1); Oneness of God, oneness of man's relation, oneness of force, oneness of time, oneness of purpose, Oneness in every effort-Oneness- Oneness!” Edgar Cayce
I sure hope the van doesn't break down on the road.  My son in law and daughter will be traveling with there 2 little children, our great grandson and Yasha the family dog.  God be with them.  Earlier today I told the kid that we all have Guardian Angels and they should all ask their Angels to watch over them and protect them from all harm including mosquitoes and biting flies.  The littlest one wanted to know what a Guardian Angel was.  After I explained she said, "Oh, Squeaks must be my Guardian Angel because after he died he went to Heaven and now he's an Angel."  Squeaks was her hamster.  I suppose the van will still be taken to the shop early tomorrow morning for a precationary check up.

HA HA HA - I finished this post at  12:12 pm

11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11 11:11

In the mystery-thriller 23, actor Jim Carrey takes a dramatic turn as dual characters in this strange story of the number twenty-three. He portrays both a "real" and a "fictional" character in the story. One is a mild-mannered dog catcher, and the other is a tattooed, saxophone-playing noir detective.

8/9/2012  (10:51 pm)  Just checked my page count: 888.  Don't think I've ever gotten 888 before.  I've had an extremely emotional day. This high level of emotion began yesterday (8/8/2012) and continued throughout the day and into the night.  I had an awful time trying to get to sleep last night and I have been on edge since I woke up this morning.  Very high anxiety and a lot of sadness.  Did some research on triple eights. 

888 traditionally symbolizes the sacred number of Christ

888 is the number of Jesus in the Greek alphabet. Just as 666 is the number of a man as referenced in the bible, 888 is the number of Jesus. In the Greek alphabet each number is assigned a numerical value and when Jesus is spelled in the Greek, which is the original language of the New Testament, his name comes out to the sum of 888. 
Number 8 turned horizontally on it’s side symbolizes Infinity, Endless Life. It means all time,past,present and future, centered in the present moment of NOW. On the Highest Spiritual level all time is NOW. Everything that ever happened is occurring NOW and everything that ever will happen is happening NOW. We create our present from our past and our future from our present. It is Karma. So 888 is a Triply Karmic Day. Karmic to the third Power. This is a very powerful occurrence.
888, the number of the Holy Spirit , an endless cord, the ourobouros serpent eating it’s tail. The Infinity symbol appears in a number of traditional Tarot Trumps, the Magician # 1, and # 8 Strength/Justice.
I briefly read, but largely failed to comprehend most of the information given in the two sources below, but I intend to go back and read again when I am not so emotionally exhausted.  It seems that 888 and it's meaning and value  (= Jesus Christ) is arrived at by using a system called Alphabetics where each letter of  the Greek alphabet is assigned a number.  Also, used is ASCII code.  

J = 74
E = 69
S = 83
U = 85
S = 83
[space] = 32
C = 67
H = 72
R = 82
I = 73
S = 83
T = 84
Yes, 887 is off by one number, and there is an explanation (below) given for this which I do not understand.  
 Remember, from above, that the numeric sum of the number values of the letters that spell Iesous in Greek is 888.  The number 887 is just one removed from 888.  This provides a strong validation of the principle of Alphabetics that considers the applicability of words in the vicinity of the one you are looking at.

 8/1/2012 - O drat!  I just checked my pages views: 2,666This morning I got up early, thinking, "Wouldn't it be cool to walk into the kitchen and see "5:55" on the clocks."  It was only 5:45.  I put on the coffee, and while I waited for it to brew, I scoured the sinks.  As I was scouring away I thought, "hmmm, maybe when the little beeper on the coffee machine goes off (announcing that the coffee is finished) it will be 5:55."  Sure enough, as soon as I heard the "beep, beep" I looked at the clocks and it was 5:55.  It felt a little like cheating, though, anticipation supported by logic and odds instead of complete surprise.  At that point I thought, "Ah well, it's good that I'll never see 6:66 on the clock."

A little irony going on here, a practical joke maybe. I don't like 666 because it's purported to be the number of the beast.  I realize that my aversion to this number is totally illogical (is any of this number business logical?).  At any rate, after having my coffee on the screen porch  and wrapping up my blog post about Pier Giorgio Frassati by adding and watching a video tribute to him, I decided to check my page count and there it was, the dreaded 666.  Of course, it was preceded by a 2, and when I add 2+6+6+6, I get an ever-lovin' (haha) "2",  one of my favorite numbers.  So, I ask myself "Who's kidding Who?"

I think I dread, hate, abhor "666" so much because I dread, hate, abhor death so much.  And really, I have hated and feared death since I first learned there was such a thing.  I came into the world, was born, in an atmosphere thick with the fear of death.  That's such a long story, I'm not up to telling it just now.  Death is the the basis of all fear, we live our lives only to conquer or avoid that fear.  This morning I was thinking about death while having my coffee.  My blog post about Pier Giorgio is about death; his death, his sister's death, and all the deaths caused by polio.  Was it a coincidence that my page count was 2,666?  Perhaps.  But also, perhaps, it was a lesson.  Death is inevitable.  Our only way to conquer it is to accept it and make peace with it.  That's what the preceding and equivalent "2" signifies.

 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? (1 Corinthians 15:55)

Shakespeare - Sonnet VI
Then let not winter's ragged hand deface,
In thee thy summer, ere thou be distilled:
Make sweet some vial; treasure thou some place
With beauty's treasure ere it be self-killed.
That use is not forbidden usury,
Which happies those that pay the willing loan;
That's for thy self to breed another thee,
Or ten times happier, be it ten for one;
Ten times thy self were happier than thou art,
If ten of thine ten times refigured thee:
Then what could death do if thou shouldst depart,
Leaving thee living in posterity?
   Be not self-willed, for thou art much too fair
   To be death's conquest and make worms thine heir.

7/29/2012 - It's 1:11.  A double whammy.  I just opened this journal to record that while checking my pages views a minute or so ago,  I found the count to be 2.555.  But to my surprise and sheer delight I looked down at the right hand corner of my screen to find today's date and there it was along with the time of 11:11.  That's why I say it's a double whammy. First 555 and then 1:11.  I've been working on my blog most of the day and also babysitting my two young grandchildren, not a problem at all, they're angels, and their parents really needed and deserved a night out.  But, my point is this, I'm very tired, my back is aching, my anxiety is high;  the presentment of these numbers when I'm so done in and worn out is like a reward at the end of my day.  Like a message of "Good Night and Sweet Dreams".

7/24/2012 - I've had a stiff and painful neck, mostly on the right side, and a vague but nagging headache for almost a week.  I think the headache  is from stress, and the stiff neck from bad sleeping posture and cold air from the air conditioner and ceiling fan blowing on my neck at night.  A few moments ago, not wanting to give in to depression, I forced myself to get out of bed.  As soon as my feet hit the floor I opened my phone to check on the time.  I was delighted to see that it was 11:11 and felt an immediate sense of relief that someone or something greater than myself was looking out for me.  Giving me a little pat on the back for getting out of bed.  I don't really know who or what that someone or something is.  Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel, Benevolent Source of All that Is? 

An important factor I would like to make clear is that these "visitations" are not solicited and always come as a surprise, perhaps even a brief  experience of being awestruck, a momentary awakening to a a single moment in time. I have had several "visits" this week but don't always have the time or inclination to write them down or enter them in this journal.  I have begun a ritual to show my gratitude.  I suppose it could be seen as an awareness and reverence of time and its passing.  As soon as I become aware of the number, I stop whatever I'm doing and bask in the awareness of the present moment.  Sometimes a single minute can seem so long

This phenomenon seems to be spreading to my daughter.  Several times this week she has experienced or come unexpectedly upon the appearance or timing of multiple numbers.  Once or twice she called out to me from another room "Hey Mom, 4:44" or "It's 2:22, Mom."  I'm glad she is becoming aware and seems to be as fascinated by the mystery of these numbers.  She and I have always had a strong psychic connection and it makes me very happy to know that she is being guided and watched over by the Benevolent Source of All that Is.

7/9/2012 – I had just finished a blog called Damned if you do, and damned if you don't  about Lorenzo Dow .  Last evening and this morning I felt troubled by an incident where I was asked for advice on a delicate matter.  After giving it much thought, I decided it would be best to reply with the truth as I saw it, only to find that "my truth" was not well received.  Almost immediately, the phrase “Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” came to mind.  This led me to search the web for the origin of that phrase and to find it has been attributed to itinerant preacher Lorenzo Dow.  After finishing my blog post about Dow on Signs and Wonders, I went to the kitchen to find that the clocks (all 3 of them) said “12:12”

Meaning of 12:12:   - If you are repeatedly seeing combinations of 1's and 2's, this is a message that our thoughts are like seeds that are beginning to sprout. You may have already seen some evidence of the fruition of your desires. These are signs that things will and are growing in your aspired direction. Keep the faith!

7/17/2012 -  10:10 

Magic square of 10: 

 1 4 2 3
 2 3 1 4
 3 2 4 1
 4 1 3 2

The ten petals of the Manipura Chakra located in the area of the navel and
the solar plexus.

According to revelations received by Mary Jane Even, the Virgin Mary would have felt a very great pain in her Soul after the sentence of death of His Son, before His Resurrection occurred. These dark days were so hard to Her that She seemed to die of sorrow. Because of Her prayers and Her suffering which would have exceeded any human capacity, Jesus would have preceded of ten hours His Resurrection in response to Her supplications.

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