Monday, November 7, 2016

Your Gods Won't Tell You - Ben Holland

Friday, October 14, 2016

If you see her, say hello
She might be in North Saigon
She left here in a hurry
I don't know what she was on
You might say that I'm in disarray
And for me time's standing still
Oh, I've never gotten over her
I don't think I ever will

A bright light from me, I saw
A shattering of souls
Just one of them reckless situations
Which nobody controls
Well the menagerie of life rolls by
Right before my eyes
And we'll do the best we can
Which should come at no surprise

If you're makin' love to her
Watch it from the rear
You never know when I'll be back
Or liable to appear
Oh it's as natural to dream of peace
As it is for rules to break
But right now I got not much to lose
So you better stay awake

Sundown, silver moon
Hitting on the date (days?)
My head can't understand no more
What my heart don't tolerate
But I know she'll be back some day
Of that there is no doubt
And when that moment comes, Lord
Give me the strength to keep her out.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The 2016 ‪Nobel Prize‬ in Literature

The 2016 ‪Nobel Prize‬ in Literature is awarded to

Bob Dylan

“for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”.

Prize motivation in Swedish:
”som skapat nya poetiska uttryck inom den stora amerikanska sångtraditionen”.

Age: 75
Born: May 24, 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota, USA

Biobibliographical notes
Bob Dylan was born on May 24, 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota. He grew up in a Jewish middle-class family in the city of Hibbing. As a teenager he played in various bands and with time his interest in music deepened, with a particular passion for American folk music and blues. One of his idols was the folk singer Woody Guthrie. He was also influenced by the early authors of the Beat Generation, as well as by modernist poets.

Dylan moved to New York in 1961 and began to perform in clubs and cafés in Greenwich Village. He met the record producer John Hammond with whom he signed a contract for his debut album, called Bob Dylan (1962). In the following years he recorded a number of albums which have had a tremendous impact on popular music: Bringing It All Back Home and High-way 61 Revisited in 1965, Blonde On Blonde in 1966 and Blood On The Tracks in 1975. His productivity continued in the following decades, resulting in masterpieces like Oh Mercy (1989), Time Out Of Mind (1997) and Modern Times (2006).

Dylan’s tours in 1965 and 1966 attracted a lot of attention. For a period he was accompa-nied by film maker D. A. Pennebaker, who documented life around the stage in what would come to be the movie Dont Look Back (1967). Dylan has recorded a large number of albums revolving around topics like the social conditions of man, religion, politics and love. The lyrics have continuously been published in new editions, under the title Lyrics. As an artist, he is strikingly versatile; he has been active as painter, actor and scriptwriter.

Besides his large production of albums, Dylan has published experimental work like Taran-tula (1971) and the collection Writings and Drawings (1973). He has written the autobiog-raphy Chronicles (2004), which depicts memories from the early years in New York and which provides glimpses of his life at the center of popular culture. Since the late 1980s, Bob Dylan has toured persistently, an undertaking called the “Never-Ending Tour”. Dylan has the status of an icon. His influence on contemporary music is profound, and he is the object of a steady stream of secondary literature.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Leocadia - Time Remembered

Time Remembered by
Original French title, "Leocadia." Produced on Bwy in 1957, it was a success with Helen Hayes, Richard Burton and Susan Strasberg (as a modiste hired to divert a prince from the death of an actress). Says Anouilh, "My plays are not realistic..they're an imaginative interpretation of reality."

French dramatist Jean Marie Lucien Pierre Anouilh (1910-1987)

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Thanos Anestopoulos - Death Is Not The End

Τη τελευταία του πνοή άφησε σήμερα Σάββατο ο Θάνος Ανεστόπουλος, ψυχή των Διάφανων Κρίνων, καλλιτέχνης, εικαστικός και ποιητής της ροκ κουλτούρας της Ελλάδας. Νικήθηκε από τον καρκίνο κι έφυγε (σχεδόν) όπως είχε τραγουδήσει στο τραγούδι του Κώστα Ουράνη “Θα πεθάνω ένα πένθιμο του φθινοπώρου δείλι”. Απλώς ήταν ξημέρωμα.

The last breath left on Saturday. Thanos Anestopoulos, soul of transparent Lilies, artist, painter and poet of rock culture of Greece. He was defeated by cancer and left (almost) as he had sung the song of Kostas Ourani "I will die a mournful autumn coward". Just was dawn.

Αντί επιλόγου:

«Ζήστε την κάθε σας μέρα με αλήθεια, έρωτα, αγώνα και δημιουργία. Ζήστε την κάθε ημέρα σας σαν να ήταν η τελευταία σας. Γιατί συχνά στην καθημερινότητα μας μεγεθύνουμε μικρά προβλήματα παραμερίζοντας και ξεχνώντας τι σπουδαίο και μεγάλο δώρο είναι η ζωή που μας δόθηκε»
Θάνος Ανεστόπουλος

Instead of epilogue:

"Live each day with truth, love, struggle and creation. Live each day as if it were your last. Because often in our everyday zoom small problems aside and forgetting what is important and great gift is life given to us "
Thanos Anestopoulos


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I'm just as good a singer as Caruso ~

Dylan: You gunna see the concert tonight?

TM: Yeah.

Dylan: You gunna hear it?

TM: Yeah.

Dylan: Okay your hear it, see it, and it’s gunna happen fast and your not gunna get it all, and you might even hear the wrong words. You know? And then afterwards.. See I’m.. I wont be able to talk to you afterwards, ive got nothing to say about these things I write, I mean I just write them, I’m not gunna say anything about them, I don’t write them for any reason, there’s no great message. If you wanna tell people that go ahead and tell them, but I’m not gunna have to answer to it. And there just gunna think “well what is this time magazine telling us.” But you couldn’t careless about that either, you don’t know the people that read you.

Dylan: Cause you know, I’ve never been in TIME Magazine, and yet this hall is filled twice, you know, Ive never been in time magazine, I don’t need time magazine and I don’t think I’m a folk singer, you’ll probably call me a folk singer but to the other better, cause, you know, the people that buy my records and listen to me don’t necessarily read TIME Magazine.

Dylan: You know the audience that subscribe to TIME Magazine, the audience of people that want to know what’s happening in the world week by week, the people that work during the day and can read it, its small, alright and it’s concise and there’s pictures in it, you know? It’s a certain class of people, its a class of people that take the magazine seriously, I mean sure I can read it, you know, I read it , I get it on the airplanes but I don’t take it seriously. If I want to find out anything, I’m not gunna read TIME magazine, I’m not gunna read Newsweek, I’m not gunna read any of these magazines, I mean cause they just got to much to lose by printing the truth. You know that.

TM: What kind of truths are they leaving out -

Dylan: Well anything, even on a worldwide basis, they’d just go off the stands in a day if they printed really the truth.

TM: What is really the truth?

Dylan: Really the truth is just a plain picture. A plain picture of, of, lets say a tramp vomitting man into the sewer you know? And then and uh, next door to the picture you know, is Mr. Rockerfeller or you know, Mr. C.W. Jones on a subway going to work, uh you know, any kind of picture. Just make some collagae of pictures which they don’t do, theres no ideas in TIME Magazine, theres just these facts, which too are serious, even the article on which your doing the way its gunna come out, but you see It cant be a good article because the guy that’s writing the article is sitting at a desk in New York, and he’s not even going out of his office, he’s just gunna get these 15 reporters and there gunna send him a quota.

Dylan: He’s gunna put himself out, he’s gunna put all his readers on and you know in another week, we’ll be some space in the magazine, but that’s all, it means nothing to anybody else, I’m not putting that down because people have to eat and live, you know?, but i mean at least be honest about it. I mean sure..

TM: (Inaudible)

Dylan: I know more about what you do and you don’t even have to ask me how or why or anything uh, just by looking, you know? Then you’ll ever know about me. Ever. I mean I could tell you, I could tell you, I’m not a folk singer and explain to you why but you wouldn’t really understand, all you could do, you could nod your head, you would nod your head.

TM: You could be willing to try.

Dylan: No, I couldn’t even be willing to try because, there’s certain things which, every word has its little letter and big letter -

TM: Your friend had the right word, pigeonhole.

Dylan: No, its not pigeonhole that’s not the word at all. You know every word has its little letter and big letter like the word know, you know the word k-n-o-w okay, you know the word Know capital K-n-o-w like each of us really knows nothing, but we all think we know things, alright, but we really know nothing

TM: So your saying that you know more about what I do -

Dylan: No I’m saying that your gunna die and your gunna go off the earth, your gunna be dead. It could be in 20 years it could be tomorrow, anytime, so am I, I mean it’s gunna be gone. The world is gunna go on without us.

TM: Right.

Dylan: Alright, now you do your job in the face of that and how seriously you take yourself , you decide for yourself. Okay? And I’ll decide for myself and your not gunna make me feel unhappy by anything you print about me or anything you know? Or anything like that. It couldn’t offend me and im sure you know, I couldn’t offend you. So all I can hope for you to do, is you know all of your ideas in your own head, somehow where ever they are.

TM: Do you care about what you sing?

Dylan: How can I answer that if you got the nerve to ask me? I mean you got a lot of nerve asking me a question like that, do you ask The Beatles that?

TM: I have to ask you that because you have the nerve to question weather I care.

Dylan: Im not questioning you because I don’t expect any answers from you. Do you think someone wouldn’t go see somebody if they didn’t want entertainment?

TM: Of course not.

Dylan: Who wants to go get whipped? You know. And if you do wanna go get whipped, arn’t you really being entertained? Right. So do you think anyone that comes to see me, is coming for any other reason besides entertainment, really?

TM: I could tell you people with a couple other reasons..

Dylan: Well who cares what they tell you. Who cares what anybody tells you.

TM: Well, they think they know why there doing it.

Dylan: Do you know why there doing it? People say all kinds of things, and you have to sort of weed it out, you know, can you weed it out? Well, see your not gunna learn, I can’t teach you how to weed it out. Yeah well you know I have no idea. First of all im not even a pop-singer.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Old Man

Madison Sq. Garden, 11 Nov, 2002

Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania 21st Nov 2002

Monday, January 4, 2016

i could make you crawl

Playing chess with Victor Maymudes by Daniel Kramer 1964

"i could make you crawl
if i was payin' attention"
he said munchin' a sandwich
in between chess moves
"what d' you wanna make
me crawl for?"
"i mean i just could"
"could make me crawl"
"yeah, make you crawl!"
"humm, funny guy you are"
"no, i just play t' win,
that's all"
"well if you can't win me,
then you're the worst player
i ever played"
"what d' you mean?"
"i mean i lose all the time"
his jaw tightened an' he took
a deep breath
"hummm, now i gotta beat you"
straight away an' into the ring
juno takes twenty pills an'
paints all day. life he says
is a head kinda thing. outside
of chicago, private come down
junkie nurse home heals countless
common housewives strung out
fully on drugstore dope, legally
sold t' help clean the kitchen.
lenny bruce shows his seventh
avenue hand-made movies, while a
bunch of women sneak little white
tablets into shoes, stockings, hats
an' other hidin' places. newspapers
tell neither. irma goes t' israel
an' writes me that there, they
hate nazis much more 'n we over here
do. eichmann dies yes, an' west
germany sends eighty-year-old
pruned-out gestapo hermit off t'
the penitentiary. in east berlin
renata tells me that i must wear
tie t' get in t' this certain place
i wanna go. back here, literate
old man with rebel flag above
home sweet home sign says he won't
vote for goldwater. "talks too
much. should keep his mouth shut"
i walk between backyards an' see
little boy with feather in his hair
lyin' dead on the grass. he gets
up an' hands feather t' another
little boy who immediately falls
down. "it's my turn t' be the good
guy . . . take that, redskin" bang bang.
henry miller stands on other side
of ping pong table an' keeps
talkin' about me. "did you ask
the poet fellow if he wants
something t' drink" he says t'
someone gettin' all the drinks.
i drop my ping pong paddle
an' look at the pool. my worst
enemies don't even put me down
in such a mysterious way.
college student trails me with
microphone an' tape machine.
what d' you think a the communist
party? what communist party?
he rattles off names an' numbers.
he can't answer my question. he
tries harder. i say "you don't
have t' answer my question" he
gets all squishy. i say
there's no answer t' my question
any more 'n there's an answer t'
your question. ferris wheel runs
in california park an' the sky trembles.
turns red. above hiccups an' pointed
fingers. i tell reporter lady that yes
i'm monstrously against the house
unamerican activities committee
an' also the cia an' i beg her please
not t' ask me why for it would take
too long t' tell she asks me about
humanity an' i say i'm not sure
what that word means. she wants me
t' say what she wants me t' say. she
wants me t' say what she
can understand. a loose-tempered fat
man in borrowed stomach slams wife
in the face an' rushes off t' civil
rights meeting. while some strange
girl chases me up smoky mountain
tryin' t' find out what sign i am.
i take allen ginsberg t' meet fantastic
great beautiful artist an' no trespassin'
boards block up all there is t' see.
eviction. infection gangrene an'
atom bombs. both ends exist only
because there is someone who wants
profit. boy loses eyesight. becomes
airplane pilot. people pound their
chests an' other people's chests an'
interpret bibles t' suit their own
means. respect is just a misinterpreted word
an' if Jesus Christ himself came
down through these streets, Christianity
would start all over again. standin'
on the stage of all ground. insects
play in their own world. snakes
slide through the weeds. ants come an'
go through the grass. turtles an' lizards
make their way through the sand. everything
crawls. everything . . .
an' everything still crawls

Bob Dylan
from Liner Notes of Another Side Of Bob Dylan
Released 05/01/1964